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Every one of the Canvas Cleavages I paint is an original and I use only my breasts. It was a little difficult to paint at first because boobs are pretty dumb and they have a mind of their own. Read more...
Foxxxy Dames is a brand-driven company designed for professional, classy ladies to express their creative side. My name is Angye Fox and I am the leader of the pack. My friends call me Foxxxy and the word Dame means noble lady. Thus, Foxxxy Dames. The ladies on Foxxxy Dames are all business professionals who are friends of mine. We are intelligent, strong, and financially astute women in addititon to being mothers, volunteers and caregivers. BUT, we also have a naughty side! And Foxxxy Dames gives us the opportunity to express that vixen inside of us.

$500 each plus shipping and handling.  The buyer can suggest a design and colors if they like.  The price includes the artwork and a picture of me holding the finished piece.

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